Ceramic Professional Hair Curler
Ceramic Professional Hair Curler
Ceramic Professional Hair Curler
Ceramic Professional Hair Curler
Ceramic Professional Hair Curler
Ceramic Professional Hair Curler
Ceramic Professional Hair Curler
Ceramic Professional Hair Curler
Ceramic Professional Hair Curler
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Ceramic Professional Hair Curler

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A Ceramic Professional Hair Curler is a great tool for anyone that wants to get a good amount of hair out of their hair. With a few simple techniques, you can completely eradicate all that unruly hair from your head. One of the best ways to do this is by using a professional ceramic hairbrush. This is a very important step when you want to do this to ensure that you are using the right kind of brush to do it.

Using a ceramic professional hair curler can be a lot easier than you think. You don't want to have to use so much strength in order to get the brush to work. If you use a small ceramic hairbrush, then you should be able to get your hair to look great.

Ever leave the house with fresh curls and feel like you¡¯re in a music video as you strut down the street? We feel you ¨C curls have that power. The only problem is, curling your hair can be quite confusing. Well, it was. Our CERAMIC PROFESSIONAL HAIR CURLER AURORA HAIRS? will transform your hair into actress worthy hair.

The process of curling your hair is achieved with heat and steam. This method it will not damage your hair. Our Ceramic Professional Hair Curler will have your hair in funny, flirty curls within minutes. This automatic winder is equipped with fast-heating ceramic plates and reaches temperatures of up to 190¡ãC. The heat is held exactly where it is needed.

Achieve a salon-quality hair within minutes thanks to our CERAMIC PROFESSIONAL HAIR CURLER. The advanced technology provides an effortless and tangle-free styling experience that lures the hair easier and faster.

After insertion, the hair curler automatically pulls the hair into its ceramic-lined chamber, where it holds locks until they are thoroughly warmed.


  • Ceramic Rotating Barrel: Automatic spin creates flawless curls.
  • Ceramic Heater: Distributes heat evenly across the barrel surface resulting in shinier and healthier hair.
  • Directional Buttons: Control curl direction with left and right push buttons.
  • Automatic Shut Off: Brush truns off after 1 hour for safety.
  • LCS Temperature Display: Easily adjustable temperature settings up to 410¡ãF (210¡ãC).
  • Customized Curling Time Settings: Adjustable styling time for your hair type.


  1. Choose your desired temperature and curling timer as a guide (15S/17S/19S).
  2. Hold the curler vertically with the digital control side facing the head.
  3. Take a ?¡± to 1¡± section of hair and insert it into the opening of the curl chamber in a 90¡ã angle. If larger sections are used, hair may be tangled.
  4. Insert sectioned hair into the curling chamber.
  5. Press and continuously hold the arrow button in the desired direction to curl the hair. The hair strand will be automatically curled into the chamber and the rotating will stop.
  6. You will hear 4 beeps once the curl is set.
  7. Remove the tool gently from the hair
  8. Finish with hairspray to set your curls.


  • Use a smaller section of hair for defined curls.
  • Use a larger section of hair for less defined curls.
  • If hair becomes tangled, the curler will beep continuously and the display will read RESET. Push the power button to turn off and gently remove the tangled hair by pulling out thin strands, section by section, until all the hair has been removed.
  • After you¡¯ve finished the curling, gently run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls slightly ¨C brush lightly if you want wavy curls.
  • Finish with a touch of hairspray
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