Tentacools Fan
Tentacools Fan
Tentacools Fan
Tentacools Fan
Tentacools Fan
Tentacools Fan
Tentacools Fan
Tentacools Fan
Tentacools Fan
Tentacools Fan
Tentacools Fan
Tentacools Fan
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Tentacools Fan

Color - Blue
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Hang This Fan On Practically Anything!

It's a portable fan with a unique flexible tentacle-like tripod that you can bend at any angle you want. Grip it, wrap it, or stand it up! It's durable, flexible, and stable.

"This octopus fan which I call it is perfect for my stroller or anywhere! I am ordering some more for the kids' bunk beds next. This fan has 3-speed settings, is battery operated, and the best of all, charges with my phone charger/USB cable. It also can¡¯t fit my baby¡¯s fingers through the fan guard which is perfect for the stroller. Can't get any more perfect!" - Tiffany Patterson

Now you don't have to worry about the sweltering heat because you and your baby can stay cool and comfortable no matter where you are!


The Tentacools Fan is the best portable cooling solution for your baby during hotter months.

It can attach to anything or it can stand up on its own! It comes with flexible legs that allow you to secure the fan to your baby stroller, car seat, crib, and anywhere else you'd like!

The unique tentacle-like design can be bent in any direction. Now you and your baby can enjoy a cool and comfortable outing away from the heat.


Comes with 3 different settings of fan speed for the ideal comfort.

It provides a powerful, yet quiet, operation to satisfy all your cooling needs no matter what the weather conditions.

With one keypress for switching speeds, you¡¯ll find the perfect speed for your baby.


The Tentacools Fan is fully rechargeable and comes with a charging cable but also has an option if you prefer to use batteries.

The long-lasting 2200mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery allows you endless re-uses without worrying about buying batteries.

With the included charging cable, it only takes 1.5 - 2 hours for a full recharge and can be also charged anywhere with a phone, laptop, power bank, or car charger. It supports 2A fast charging.

Never worry about running out of battery and being stuck in a hot environment! The light indicator tells you when the battery is low or is fully charged.


The Tentacools Fan is perfectly safe to use for your baby. The fan cover is narrow so there is zero danger that your baby will put their fingers through and touching the blade.

The fan motor is very quiet so your baby won¡¯t wake up from their slumber. Durable, non-toxic, and safe for use for all children.

Your baby will absolutely love the cute design and colors!


In this new 2020 version, we use high-quality metal with a silicone cover for maximum durability and flexibility, instead of the old version's plastic and sponge surface.

This makes it waterproof, harder to get dirty, easier to clean, and less prone to breaking.

The legs measure about 8 inches in length, making the fan long enough to mount onto a wide variety of objects.


This versatile fan is great for a wide variety of activities for both your child and adults alike!

Fits easily inside your backpack. It's a great partner for you when going for outdoor activities like traveling, riding, hiking, climbing, camping, and fishing!

Hang it in the window railing, on your bicycle¡¯s handlebar or bunk bed¡¯s frame, stand it up on a desk as a phone holder, fix it onto a wheelchair, tent, or golf cart, or straighten the legs to hold it in your hands!


Is it safe for babies?
The grate is designed to be too small for babies to get their fingers in, however, we do not recommend that you attach it within your child's reach.
Is there a notification when the battery runs out and lets you know it needs charging?
There¡¯s a little light indicator that fades as the battery is getting low and then it blinks when the battery is dying.

Can you purchase spare batteries for this?
The fan comes with a rechargeable battery and charger cable.

Do you charge prior to use & for how long if so? How do I know it's done charging?
Just use the plug provided. While it¡¯s charging a light flashes and when it¡¯s fully charged it stops flashing.

Will it still run when charging?

Will this fit thicker stroller handles?
Yes, the legs are 8" long


Fan Speed Setting:One button operation. Press 1 time = Low fan setting
Press 2 times = Medium fan setting
Press 3 times = Maximum fan setting
Press 4 times = Turn off

LED Light Indicator:
The charging indicator flashes red twice per second while charging.
The charging indicator flashes red quickly when the battery is low.
The red LED flashes to indicate that the battery is charging.
When the battery is fully charged, the red light no longer flashes.
Safety:Avoid folding the legs a full 180 degrees as it will shorten the legs' life.
It is not recommended to place it in the contact range of the baby's hand.
Please refer to the instruction manual for specific usage details.


Material: ABS, Metal & Silicone
Output Power: 3~8W
Input Voltage / Current: 5V / 0.8A
Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
Charging Mode: Micro USB cable
Working Time: 3-9 hours
Dimensions (inches): 5.39" (L) x 2.64" (W) x 13" (H)
Dimensions (cm): 28.7 (L) x 11.1 (W) x 8.2cm (H)


1x Tentacools Fan
1x USB Charging Cable
1x Instruction Manual


We promise that you and your baby will love our portable fan. It also makes a great baby shower gift. You can return it with our risk-free your money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

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