Advanced Blind Spot Detector Lane Changing Assistant
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Advanced Blind Spot Detector Lane Changing Assistant

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Type:Blind Sport Monitoring System (BSM)
Electricity Voltage:12V
Maximum Power:5W (max)
Working Temperature:-40 degree +85 degree
Storage Temperature:-40 degree +85 degree
Waterproof level :IP67
Detection Range:Lateral Distance:0.3m - 4m;Rear side Distance: 0.3m-10m.
Detection Range Accuracy:>96%
Alarm Range:0.3m-10m
System Alarm Accuracy:>96%
Alarm method:Method 1 LED light turn on.
Method 2 LED flash and buzzer sound.
Note:Special Version is not suitable for all cars , please provide photos of your car rear view mirror before purchase, we need to confirm whether your car rearview mirror is suitable for application.
Function Introduction:
This system is a vehicle assistance device that helps driver lane changing safely during driving. With the aid of 24GHz microwave sensor,probe the side / rear of the vehicle for those moving objects into the blind spot of the detection zone. The system works in a set of a control box (controlled by computer),two microwave sensors, two blind region monitor (or LED light),a buzzer and the wire harness which is the perfect connection of microwave and computer.
There is blind zone at the rear of the vehicle which is easy to endanger driving safety! When you installed BSM into your lovely car, no matter it's day time, night time or even in the snow,you can be alerted whenever there is a moving object pop into the rear of the vehicle, with the aid of LED lighting on , blinking, buzzer sound so that the driver can be cautious when lane changing to avoid the possibility of side crash accident.
When you get ready to get off,open the door,if someone moves behind,it will also give an accurate alarm.
About installation:
1.Please prepare necessary disassembly tool and protective bumper painted sponge pad or cloth pad.
2.When you disassemble connector, MUST NOT pull wire harness in force, otherwise, will broken the harness. Please plug in connector until it practically tightened (you can hear the sound of "Click").
3. The wire harness should be fixed with the car cable harness by tie band. Neither droop nor abnormal sound. Cut off excess tie band.
4. Disassemble and assemble procedure, please strictly follow our installation manual.Try not to break parts as careful as possible.In case of breakage,please change the parts immediately.
5. Microwave sensor installation cautions points.
1. Microwave sensor (signal launching surface can only penetrate the plastic bumper case.
2. Microwave sensor (signal launching surface in the front, must be no metal intervention.

Wire connection: Warning: control box is suggested to instll under dash board of driver side (left drive car). Due to wire lenght of LED indicator is limited,when install in a right drive car, please install left/eight LED indicator in vice versa. (When green wire connected, system does not work when reverse packing.Connection of this wire is optional)

1. Power supply wire connection (1)Connect black wire of control box with negative side of the vehicle or ground. (2)Connect red wire of control box with vehicle power supply ACC 12V (3 Connect yellow wire of control box with Left turn light 12V. (4 Connect white wire of control box with Right turn light 12V. 2. Connect sensor extension wire with control box,connect sensor A & B with the relativeconnector. 3.Connect left blind spot rear mirror LED light wire with control box relative terminal. 4.Connect right blind spot rear mirror LED light wire with control box relative terminal. Method of Installation 1.Sensor installation (1 Blind sport sensors are to be pasted on vehicle back's two sides inner arc of plastic bumper,The installation height within 35-90cm. (Diagram 1)

(2 Curve side of microwave sensors install in 10-15 degree to parallel line of car body. Find suitable position of inner side bumper, sticker sensors to it. Avoid insall behind metal, back light or parking sensors,since microwave cannot penetrate these materials, and will affect detection distance. (Diagram 2)

(3 Remove rear plastic bumper,cautious not to scratch the surface paint ,put the bumper onto soft sponge or cloth pad. (4 Corresponding side of the remarked outer arc, that is inner arc of the bumper (note: inner arc and outer arc must be at the same position).Wipe the area which sensor is to be pasted by a cloth with alcohol and make a marking. (5 Wipe the sensor surface by a cloth with alcohol, then remove 3M sticker of the back of sensor.Paste 3M sticker on the sensor surface.(Diagram 3 (6 Remove 3M sticker of the sensor, paste sensor on the marked inner arc, press tight, be aware of wire terminal direction of sensor during installation,sensors install horizontally with wire in up or down direction. (Diagram 4 (7 Finally fix the miccowave sensors with 704 silicon glue. Connect sensors wire to control box sensor extension cable.(Diagram 5 (8 Repeat above procedure to install another sensor.

2. Special Blind Sport Mirror Installation (Please skip this procedure for universal product (1 Remove the front door trim panel and rear view mirror and unplug the heating plug of the mirror. (2 At the front door, pull the LED extension wire to the rear view mirror position, then connect the LED extension wire connector with the relative connector of the BSM rear view mirror of special car. (3 Plug in the heating plug with the BSM rear view mirror. 3. Universal LED light Installation (Please skip this procedure for special product Please paste LED light on rear view mirror A pillar upside position,it is best to see the position of the rear view mirror at the same time.(Diagram 6 4. Control box and buzzer installation Buzzer to attached to the driver's place. Control box installed in the plastic panel of driver's main cab dashboard. Should avoid the place of high temperature, moist, leakage. Testing after installation and vehicle parts recovery 1. Confirmation of Installation status (1 Before powering on, check if there is any abnormality in cabling and installation. (2 Specifically check of improperly pressed, stretched, stuck etc. of the vehicle wire harness. 2. Power Restore (1 Start the car to ensure that the vehicle functions properly. (2 If any abnormalities occur, please check wire harness installation. 3. Functional Test and parts recovery (1 Start the car, move car near the back of sensor to see if LED is light on, both left and right side is to be tested. (2 Switch on both "Left / Right turn on light" separately, when move near car, test if LED blinks and produce sound alert altogether. (3 Functionality test passed, then restore those uninstalled original car parts and check if all function properly.

User's Guide
1. After the car ACC is powered on, the LED lights installed on the left and right sides will light at the same time and turn off after 1 second, indicates that the system is powered up. The system enters the working status immediately.
2. After the system enters the working status, it detects the blind areas (cover both sides of the driveway, length direction is about 10 meters of the rear sides of the car. (Diagram 7)
3. When the reverse gear is hung, the system enters interference avoidance mode, the system is temporarily shut down, and the system resumes working mode after exiting the reverse gear.
Left/Right side blind area check:
(1 When moving vehicle is detected in the left/right rear blind zone, left/right side LED light will light up.
(2 If you turn on the Left/right turn signal at this time, then Left/right side LED light flash as the reminder.
Simultaneously, buzzer sounds three consecutive alarms.

Notice Before the lane changes in the actual lane, be sure to inspect the surrounding area.The system is used only to assist you in detecting the vehicles behind the lane. Due to some restrictions on the actual working environment, sometimes the vehicle is in the adjacent lane, but the system is tied.The unified warning signal lights are not flickered or may delay glint. It is not entirely dependent on this system, and the company is not responsible for any accident. 4. Under the following circumstances, the radar sensor cannot detect the target object. - The vehicle is in a blind sport behind the adjacent lane, but the vehicle is not close. - Opposite approach vehicle. - The adjacent lane of the vehicle is very wide, exceeding the detection range of the radar probe. - The vehicle nearly at the same speed along with your driveway at a longer driver time. - Vehicles in adjacent lanes try to exceed you. 5. Under the following circumstances, system alert lights and alarms may not be activated or may bedelayed. When the vehicle changes from two lanes to the adjacent lane. When driving on steep slopes. When passing through the vertices of a hill or a mountain trail. When small change in radius (deep turn at the intersection). When there is a difference in altitude between the driving lane and the adjacent lane. 6. If the width of the road is narrow, two-lane vehicles may be detected. 7.This system alarm signal light may turn on, when there are on-road or roadside stationary objects (road guards, concrete wall, tunnel, green area, etc)

1. It is easy to install, but this requires a degree of DIY ability and knowledge. We recommend that all productions are installed by professionals.We will not be responsible for productions that have been damaged during installation by non-professionals, but we still can give you support.
2.Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions during the installation or use.till now,we found that most of the problems there are not the productions, just wrong operation or misunderstanding.So please check it carefully and contact us to solve the problems.instead of opening the dispute directly and easily.

Note: due to logistics' uncontrollable factor, 704 glue may be not trasported. We may send 3M glue to you.

Note:Universal Version Not Include Dedicated Rearview Mirror

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