All-In-One Power Scrubber
All-In-One Power Scrubber
All-In-One Power Scrubber
All-In-One Power Scrubber
All-In-One Power Scrubber
All-In-One Power Scrubber
All-In-One Power Scrubber
All-In-One Power Scrubber
All-In-One Power Scrubber
All-In-One Power Scrubber
All-In-One Power Scrubber
All-In-One Power Scrubber
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All-In-One Power Scrubber

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The new All-In-One Power Scrubber is a cordless, hand-held device made to clean all types of stubborn dirt and debris. Outdoor patio furniture often accumulates dirt, grime, mold, and mildew, which can all be cleaned easily with this scrubber. There are four different brush head attachments which spin at a quick speed of 500 RPMs.


Powerful Scrubbing

All of the brushes included with the All-In-One Power Scrubber are set to spin at 500 RPMs. This forceful torque scrubs and cleans outdoor furniture with ease. The dirt is blasted away and the interchangeable brushes can also get into the tiny hard-to-reach crevices.


The All-In-One Power Scrubber is cordless so it can be used anywhere outside without the hassles of dragging cords around.


The scrubber is rechargeable. It comes with a US charging cord which plugs from the unit into a regular electrical wall outlet.

Toxic Cleaners Are Not Necessary

Since the All-In-One Power Scrubber uses such high RPMs, there is no need for harsh or toxic chemical sprays to clean furniture. It's safe to use around kids and pets of all ages.


This scrubber is extremely lightweight, so you can use it for extended periods of time without getting tired.

Works On All Surfaces

The All-In-One Power Scrubber can work on virtually any outdoor furniture and on a variety of different surfaces. Each package includes three different brush head attachments and a polishing pad attachment. It can clean patios, furniture tables, and chairs made of plastic, glass, or wicker. The polishing pad can scrub tiles, flower pots, and windows. It can even be used on vehicles.

Saves Time

With the All-In-One Power Scrubber, you'll save yourself time by blasting away dirt instead of using brute human force to do the work. It's similar to a pressure washer in that it uses force to blast through all types of grime.


1£©Remove From Packaging

The All-In-One Power Scrubber comes in cardboard packaging. The Scrubber includes four interchangeable brushes and pads to use on various outdoor surfaces.

2£©Plug Into A Power Source For Initial Charging

The scrubber uses a rechargeable battery. It's important to charge the battery to full power prior to use. To begin the initial charge, use the US charging cable that comes with the scrubber. Plug the cable into the port on the bottom of the scrubber and connect the other end to a regular electrical outlet.

3£©Begin Scrubbing!

Once the scrubber has fully charged, it's ready to be turned on. Depending on the type of surface that needs cleaning, select the appropriate brush head and clip it on. Turn on the scrubber by pressing the blue button above the handle. The brush head should begin to vibrate and spin. Place the brush on top of the desired surface and the dirt and will begin to blast away.


Original Dome Brush

The Original Dome Brush is the all-purpose brush that is to be used on most surface areas.

Soft Flex Cone Brush

The Soft Flex Cone Brush can be used to get into tight crevices such as cleaning window shutters or garden fixtures. It can also be used to clean dirty car tire rims.

Polishing Pad

The Polishing Pad is a flat microfiber pad that can be used to polish car surfaces and make your car paint look new again. It can also be used for smaller surfaces, like polishing flower pots or delicate exteriors made from tile.

Extra-Large Flat Brush

The extra large brush is used for greater surface area exteriors that need to be cleaned such as fences and painted wood furniture.


  • Size: 33.5 x 27.5 x 9 cm / 13.19 x 10.83 x 3.54"

  • Materials: ABS + TPR + POM + silica gel


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