Talking Hamster Toy Repeats What You Say
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Talking Hamster Toy Repeats What You Say

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The best thing about talking hamsters is that they are fun and interesting pets to have. One of the fun things about hamster toys is that they are designed to repeat.

Some people who buy them to take them with them on camping trips are not always sure what they are doing when they have them. They have to ask questions and get their information from a hamster who will say it is something he does and then do it for them. In other words, he will say, "I do this," and then do it. This can be fun if you do not know what you are doing because the hamster will just keep repeating what you say.

Hamster talking toy repeats can be made very easily, even with very small tools. A few inexpensive tools will make this a reality.

  • Repeating toy
  • Sensitive audio receiver
  • Shake and dance
  • Ideal for parties
  • Give as a gift
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