The Electric Foot Grinder
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The Electric Foot Grinder

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You Have a Duty...To Your FEET!

This Fantastic Foot File Fletches Fine Foot...Calluses

And RIGHT NOW We're offering a 50% DISCOUNT For Father's Day! Celebrate the worst offender of bad foot hygiene everywhere with $24.99 OFF Your Order Today!

  • Get Salon Results! - Don't risk hurting yourself with an old handheld scraper. There's a reason that image immediately conjures images of 80-year-old women in rocking chairs...It's OBSOLETE!
  • A POWERFUL Clean! - With 2,000 RPMs of feet-cleaning power, the nano-abrasion heads rotate at high speeds to effortlessly remove dead skin and leave your feet BEAUTIFUL!

A Couple More Incentives For You:

  • Instant Results!

Don't act like you don't love it. Watch in amazement as our Electric Grinder blasts through dead skin to remove tough patches and reveal your baby smooth beautiful foot beneath. Get your pedicure-worthy feet whenever you want.

  • Rechargeable Battery!

Because...we're not crazy. No batteries or hassle, save money, and keep your feet sandal-ready at all times!

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