The Magnetic Fidget Rings
The Magnetic Fidget Rings
The Magnetic Fidget Rings
The Magnetic Fidget Rings
The Magnetic Fidget Rings
The Magnetic Fidget Rings
The Magnetic Fidget Rings
The Magnetic Fidget Rings
The Magnetic Fidget Rings
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The Magnetic Fidget Rings

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Fun and non-stop fidgeting!

These amazing Magnetic Fidget Rings are the new trend! They¡¯re definitely better than ordinary fidget spinners.

Fidget Rings are helpful stress and anxiety relievers. Constant movement keeps our minds off of things, helping us become more relaxed and focused. Using such is a healthy and less obvious way to move your hands when you feel the need to fidget. It¡¯s like the usual ring that you wear on your finger which but it¡¯s more useful.

An instant stress relief.

These Magnetic Fidget Rings come in a set of 3 that you can actually play with. Each piece can be used individually. Since they¡¯re made with a high-quality magnet, the rings can also be combined together and used in creative and fun ways.

Allows multi-directional spin for limitless tricks!

You can try a variety of spinning tricks with the rings and they won¡¯t easily fall off. They¡¯re equipped with heavy-duty magnets that hold them together. You can do the Orbit trick, Eclipse trick, Axis Blade trick, Tower Spin trick, the Katana trick, and many others. It does not only keep you away from stress, but it also awakens your creativity.

They¡¯re lightweight and compact, you can bring them anywhere. Easy to carry, the whole set fits your pocket! Beautifully crafted with premium materials to ensure quality and durability. These magnetic rings are designed to last for years.

It¡¯s suitable for users of all ages, both works for men and women. These fidget rings can be used at home, in between school breaks, and when you¡¯re stressed at work. Suitable for any situation.

This would definitely make a great gift. Small and simple, yet very useful.


  • Materials: Plastic cement
  • Diameter: 3.1 cm (outer), 1.8 cm (inner)
  • Package Size: 16 x 7.6 2.5 cm

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