The Miracle Broom
The Miracle Broom
The Miracle Broom
The Miracle Broom
The Miracle Broom
The Miracle Broom
The Miracle Broom
The Miracle Broom
The Miracle Broom
The Miracle Broom
The Miracle Broom
The Miracle Broom
The Miracle Broom
The Miracle Broom
The Miracle Broom
The Miracle Broom
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The Miracle Broom

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The Holy Grail of Brooms

The Miracle Broom? is the All-in-One solution you never knew existed.

There is no reason to buy a Vacuum, a Broom, a Squeegee, and a Mop.
The Miracle Broom
? is all you need.

Works on All Household Surfaces


The Ionic Electrostatic Bristles will effortlessly pull fur and dust out of Carpets, Furniture, Bedding, Cars, Clothing, and More!

Hard Surfaces

First use the Miracle Broom as a broom and get all the nastiness off the surface and between the cracks of Hardwood Floors, Tile, and Laminate.

Then throw down some soap and water and the Miracle Broom doubles as a mop!


Flip the Miracle Broom over to reveal the Miracle Squeegee! Use it to clean Windows, Glass, or push snow off your Car.

Lasts For Life

  • Normal broom bristles wear down, get nasty, and are impossible to clean.
  • The Electrically Charged Bristles never wear down.
  • And when it comes time to clean them you just need some classic soap and water.
  • Removing the hair and fur from the bristles is really simple too as they stick together due to the static electricity creating a clump of hair which can be removed in one instance.

Saves You From Buying Other Expensive Equipment

Look at everything The Miracle Broom replaces:

  • $41 - Quality Broom
  • $27 - Squeegee
  • $31 - Swiffer Sweeper
  • $21 - Swiffer 64 Refills

$120 - Total Value

Lucky for you the Miracle Broom? does not cost you $120

Today you won¡¯t pay anywhere near half that. You won¡¯t even pay $50

We're giving the Miracle Broom? away to you today, for LESS THAN THE COST OF A TANK OF GAS!

When you buy today you are only going to make one easy payment of $35.99

That¡¯s a saving of $84!

What Our Customers Say?

"Y¡¯all. The miracle broom changed my life. I¡¯m constantly having to sweep, swifter, vacuum, etc to keep it hair free. Well even after all of that there¡¯s usually almost always cat hair whether it¡¯s clinging to the baseboards, or just in the cracks of the tile, I just never seem to get all of the hair. Well my friends, this thing darn well got all the hair off my tile, even did an amazing job getting hair off the rug. My mind is blown. If you have pets that shed like crazy and don¡¯t have a miracle broom yet, you¡¯re missing out! Go get one now!!" - Gene S. Swihart, 34. Charlottesville, VA

"Using the miracle broom is so satisfying. It collects a lot of fur out of the carpet and both the bristle side and squeegee side work really well. We also brushed our dogs as a joke but they love it. Doing so also removes their fur better than a dog brush usually does and they are getting rubs at the same time so it's a win win for everyone" - Joyce Bowman, 67. Saint Paul, MN

We have a german shepherd who sheds like it's his job. I knew my vacuum wasn't doing a great job of ridding our rug and carpet of all the dog hair. That's why we decided to give the miracle broom a try, and I am so happy we did! It works so well that it's fun to use - very satisfying being able to pick up everything the vacuum missed. It also works great on our tile. I'm so happy with this broom!" - Patricia C. Barnett, 54. Orlando, FL

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