UV Sterilizing Travel Light
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UV Sterilizing Travel Light

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  • Effective Sterilization - UV light destroys the DNA structure of viruses and bacteria stopping the spread of sickness. Leaves no chemical residue and will not not damage hard-surfaces.
  • Use Everywhere - Suitable for office, travel, shopping, cutlery, telephones, desks, toilets, public places, cars, remote controls, door handles, toilet covers, mugs, steering wheels, hotel rooms, and pet areas.
  • Easy to Carry - Compact size is easy to carry and put in your carry-on or bag. The UV Sterilizing Travel Light can be folded for easy surface sterilization while traveling. Light-weight portable way for convenient sterilization of hard-surfaces effectively stopping the spread of viruses and bacteria.

    Powered by non-charging USB connection or four (4) AAA batteries (not included).

Sanitizing Technology Tool Prevents the Spread of Viruses & Bacteria

The One-minute UV Sterilizing Travel Light effectively kills viruses and bacteria on hard surfaces when placed two inches (5 cm) above the surface.

  • Best Uses - Office, Travel, Shopping, Cutlery, Cell Phones, Desks, Toilets, Public Places, Cars, Remote Controls, Door handles, Toilet Covers, Mugs, Steering Wheels, Hotel Rooms, and Pet Areas

Portable Folding UV Sterilization Light Features

Researchers confirm the broad-spectrum UV-C light kills bacteria and viruses stopping the spread of unwanted sickness. UV-C light sterilization is used in the medical field for the decontamination of surgical equipment.

The UV Sterilizing Clean Travel Light can be used to effectively sanitize and sterilize any hard-surfaces you come in contact with, such as mobile phones, tables, dropped toys and any hard surface.

When you want to ensure the surface is free from viruses and bacteria, use the UV Sterilizing Clean Travel Light to stop the spread of sickness.

How does the UV Sterilizing Travel Light Work?

When viruses, bacteria and any biological organisms are exposed to deep UV-C light ranges of 200 nm to 300 nm, the UV light is absorbed by the DNA, RNA, and proteins of that organism. Cell walls rupture as the UV light is absorbed causing illness causing organisms to lose their ability to reproduce. The UV Sterilizing Travel Light cleans effectively, stopping the spread of illness by killing harmful viruses and bacteria when surfaces are exposed to the sterilizing light for more than one (1) minute at two inches (5 cm) above any hard-surface.

Benefits & Features:
  • Portable, small and handy

  • Use anywhere, anytime on any hard surface

  • Simple to use

  • UV light kills most illness causing viruses, bacteria, and germs

  • Provides a sterilization rate of 99%

  • Works on any hard surface or object

  • Automatic safety turn off function when the UV light it is turned up in the vertical direction to protect users of the UV Sterilizing Clean Travel Light.


  • Product size: L125 x W35 x H25 mm
  • Package size: L135 x W75 x H30 mm
  • UV-C Lamp: 2W lamp life: <20000 hrs
  • Irradiance Intensity: £¾ 2500uw / cm2
  • UV Wavelength: UV-C 253.7 nm
  • Voltage: USB 5v
  • Current: 400 mA / 4 AAA batteries 6V (not included)
  • Work environment: 0 to 50¡æ.


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